Apartmány - Chata Albrechta
Albrechtice v Jizerských horách 352, 468 43

How to find us

Jablonec>Lucany:Smrzovka>Albrechtice. Turn right by the post office in Albrechtice, go up the hill, follow the curve in front of the pension Lucie – direction Marianska hora. It is the second house on the left side of the road.

GPS 50°45´40.739 "N, 15°16´57.438 "E


In order to make a reservation, you need to pay a deposit in advance. If you cancel the reservation more than a month before the actual date, we will return the whole deposit back to you, 14 days before we would give you only a half of your deposit, and less than 14 days in advance, the deposit is non-refundable.

Condition for Accommodation

  • You can check in any time after 3pm.
  • You should check out of the apartment at 10am on the last day of your reservation.
  • Non-smoking building.
  • We appreciate that our hosts use house shoes.
  • To dry your clothing, please use hangers and the clothes horse provided.
  • Please, ventilate regularly.
  • You are not allowed to move furniture around the apartment or do any unwarranted interference with electronic devides.
  • Please, keep calm during night hours. Entrance to the apartments is probihited for persons other than those accommodated.
  • Please turn off all lights, shut all windows, and turn off all electronic devices when you leave the apartment.


Chata Albrechta
Albrechtice v Jizerských horách 352
468 43
50°45´40.739" N, 15°16´57.438" E
+420 777119610

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